Our Know-how

① Focusing on highly specialized products

  • We have a track record of solving problems by facing the needs and insights of healthcare professionals and patients in a wide range of disease areas. We clarify valuable target insights and propose strategies from planning and implementing market and publication research.

②Abundant experience in communicating with medical professionals and patients

  • We adapt our communication skills to various stakeholders, including doctors and patients. In compliance with the promotion code, we confront each target by optimizing communication with the necessary tone and manner.

③Rich know-how in approaching domestic and overseas academic societies

  • We possess real and digital know-how to approach domestic and overseas academic societies. Therefore, we can propose the best plan according to the target and purpose.

④Rich background in digital solutions

  • We have abundant experience in approaching various digital targets. We support digitally the brand promotion, enlightenment, engagement, and PR of your products, therapeutic fields, and company.