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Account Services

Business Content:
As the clients' partner, grasp their needs and comprehensively produce marketing and communication tools.
Qualification Requirements:
[Required] Experience in Sales
[Optional] Work experience as MR and/or in pharmaceutical advertising agencies

Medical Planner

Business Content:
Develop promotional strategies for ethical drugs, create communication plans and materials (regular information magazines, conference proceedings, meeting records, product information summaries, product-related pamphlets, patient medication instruction sheets, etc.).
Qualification Requirements:
[Required] Graduated from University or Graduate School
[Required] Experience in heathcare advertising agencies, pharmaceutical companies (academic / R&D / MR, etc.), or medical publishing companies.
[Optional] English

Interactive Director

Business Content:
Create promotional strategies for ethical drugs using the Internet and mobile tools, plan communication, and create interactive tools.
Qualification Requirements:
[Required] Work experience as Web Producer and/or Web Director
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