Representative Message



We provide innovative and creative services by focusing on INSIGHT in information and communication that is valuable to healthcare.


As diversification of contact points between patients and healthcare professionals has increased, and digitalization has accelerated it, drawing and realizing patient experience based on science will lead to appropriate treatment enhancement and support.

We, [INSIGHT-I= an eye for insight into the future of medical care], derive logical, optimal solutions to medical issues based on our high literacy in science, which is at the source. We place great importance on digging deeper into the consciousness and behavior of healthcare professionals, patients, and their families.

• Gain insight into healthcare professionals' awareness and behavior regarding diseases and therapies
• Gain insight into patient's pain points, treatment goals, and value
• Design touchpoints between healthcare professionals and patients based on insightful outcomes

We, INSIGHT-I, as a healthcare communication agency centered on the sharpening strategies of pharmaceutical companies, have a deep insight into the multidimensional issues faced by healthcare professionals, patients and their families, and our clients. As reliable partners, we will continue to provide the best services.